Leadership and Organisational Development  Coaching and Process Consulting
Stephen Doughty
Effective Leadership can only be mastered through learning from experience.
This is especially true of leaders implementing change. It is a career long journey occasionally requiring some assistance along the way.
Coaching and Process Consulting undertaken in conjunction with Reflexive Practice are the most effective ways to enable leaders to learn from their experiences.

Stephen Doughty: Independent Practitioner
Coaching and Process Consultancy to assist people with
responsibilities to grow and prosper in their own terms, on their own terms.
Clients  value  my openness, honesty, analytical skills, and ability to make ideas and concepts work in practice. My creative thinking and reflexive approach assists people in developing their own thinking and practice which in turn builds creativity, resiliance and leadership performance.

I held an Hon. Teaching Fellowship at Lancaster University Management School for 8 years teaching post experience / post graduate courses specialising in leadership, change management & organisational development, in the context of a Project and Programme Environment.  I continue to teach post graduate / post experience students as a visiting lecturer.  www.lancaster.ac.uk/lums/

I have a post graduate degree in Management Learning  and I am a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (FCIPD).
I am a Registered Practitioner with the following organisations:
Life Orientations (LIFO®) https://www.lifeorientations.com/   
Barrett Values Centre Change Transformation Tools®    
(CTT Level 2)   https://www.valuescentre.com/ .

All coaching assignments are supported by monthly Supervision with a qualified Supervisor. These meetings  respect client confidentiality absolutely.
I have  20 years consulting experience as an independent leadership & organisational development specialist working in the UK & Europe at middle & senior management levels.

My practical management  experience  was gained through management positions early on in my career and as a business person running an adventure travel company.  More recently I have managed executive  training and consulting businesses I have had interests in.
Leading extended expeditions to remote regions of the arctic experiencing  physical and mental challenges  while at the same time managing  team,  as well as  logistical demands,  has given me  valuable insights into  the practical nature of leadership.  These experiences are directly applicable  to organisational life adding a unique dimention to my leadership coaching.

Past consulting clients have included organisations in financial, automotive components, pharmacutical, marine engineering, health care, education, transportation, hospitality, software development and nuclear decommissioning sectors as well as local and national Government.

My approach is a 'Coaching' and 'Process Consulting' one whereby the concept of teaching people to 'fish,' rather than giving them the 'fish', is the first principle and end result.  Through my work clients develop independence of thought and action, together with greater self reliance and self knowledge .  This underpins  enhanced leadership ability with improved results for them personally as well as  their organisations..

The Role of 'Critical Friend' is undertaken as a way of supporting clients to critically reflect on, and learn from, their own experiences, and those of others.  An added dimention to this role demands  bringing innovative research and industry knowledge to my client's attention which opens up options that create break-throughs in perception and practice.

Specialist expertise in privately owned and family businesses focuses on firms turning over £6+ million / 30+ employees who are looking for specific assistance with relationship issues. These include key areas such as succession planning, leadership, family disputes, working with non family or non-owner members as managers, and strategic planning from a family or owners perspective.